Welcome to SHERO FEST!

Day 1
grayscale photography of Durga statue

It’s official! Day 1: SHERO FEST

Namaskar. Blessings be upon you for your participation and thus perpetuation of this amazing celebration. Blessings be upon the sages of all the ages carrying the light of wisdom throughout all space-time. Blessings be to the Goddess in all her archetypes, forms, and expressions.

May some of us choose the intention of Pure Motive. That we practice out of Love for ourselves (as expressions of the One), with the desire to know and recognize this Truth, and for the benefit of All beings.

Welcome to Shero Fest -it has begun! In this post you will find today’s Equinox, New Moon, and Navatratri-inspired satsang, other links I mention within the satsang, pictures of Devi Ma as Durga and Her aspect of Shailputri, and a link to a follow-along mantra video for Shailputri.

Today’s Satsang covers: